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The Race To The Red Planet

The space race is alive and well, there are more players, more money, more enthusiasm, and the prize? Possibly the greatest ever in human endavour.

Executive Producer: Ray Pedretti
Blizzard Road Productions

The Race To The Red Planet is a series that looks deeply into how we have reached the present position of space travel, and how this will drive the planning of a journey to Mars.

The Series will research and explore each of the main missions to Mars, starting from the 1940’s with Wernher Von Braun’s ‘The Mars Project’. His plan involved the launching of over 1000 spacecraft to colonise the planet. Absurd as it sounds, it did kick-start the race to the planet of Mars.

Each mission will be examined through original documents, sketches, photos and interviews with those directly involved. Experts in the field of Mars exploration will be interviewed as well as showing the audience some of the historical artefacts from the early stages of space travel and the current situation across the globe.