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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Street Vet

When the love of a pet is all you have

Executive Producer: Ray Pedretti
A Co-Production of Blizzard Road Productions and Vizion House Productions

We are only a few unfortunate events away from being homeless. Life changes quickly and can leave people with riches and other people without a place to call home. Homelessness does not discriminant, it can happen to anybody and it can happen at any time.

Walking through the streets of Los Angeles, veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart recognised that despite their misfortunes, many homeless needed help beyond their own health. He witnessed some sacrificing their own meal to feed their dog first…or refuse the comforts of a bed and a shelter if it meant parting ways with their pet. It was this incredible bond and selflessness that inspired him to come to their aid.

The series follows Dr. Kwane as he wanders the back streets and lane-ways of our major cities on a quest to offer medical help to the pets and, for some, recognition to those who society has forgotten. For many homeless their pet is more than a companion, it is their family member, their reason for living – offering a source of love and support they no longer receive anywhere else.

From treating simple ailments on the very street corner in which he finds them, to emergencies that require dashing to a hospital for surgery, the series follows the devoted work of Dr. Kwane as he offers the pest, and the people, much needed compassion and hope.

The streets can be unpredictable and dangerous. But Dr. Kwane seeks to fulfil his calling by shining a light in the dark corners of our own cities. His encounters will surprise you and the stories will inspire you. Follow him on this most epic journey to help those pets, and the people, that need it most.

“They really rely on them and care about them, it’s truly genuine.”