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Hidden Histories

Exploring the secret histories of the everyday things in life

Executive Producer: Ray Pedretti
Producer: Julian Costa
A Co-Production of Blizzard Road Productions and Outpost 31 Productions

Have you ever wondered about where everyday things come from? Maybe you should, because many things have surprising hidden histories.

What about chainsaws? The original chainsaw was designed by two doctors who used it for surgery during childbirth. For hundreds of years the chainsaw was a surgical tool!

The underwire pushup bra is worn by women all over the world. Maverick film tycoon Howard Hughes designed it in the 1940s for actress Jane Russell to wear in the movie ‘The Outlaw’ to make her bust look bigger. She thought it was ridiculous and painful and refused to wear it.

High-pressure water guns? Surely, they were simply the invention of some toy company? In 1982, an Air Force and NASA engineer was experimenting on a new type of refrigeration system. His experiment resulted in a powerful stream of water and he developed everyone’s favourite toy the high-pressure water pistol.

Hidden Histories will explore the surprising stories behind all kinds of objects, used everyday or only once in history. From your running sneakers to your microwave and even WiFi, the series will present its stories through interviews with experts, experiments, animation and archive footage. Experts will include mechanical engineers, inventors, scientists and users of a myriad of objects.

You will never look at these things the same way again.